Never again cold feet for your baby.

Sticky Socks

About the socks

Any parent will recognize it; baby socks that do not stay in place due to the mobility of your little one. This can be crawling, but at a much younger age also just kicking or moving in bed or in the playpen.

Sticky Socks comes with a solution that works for everyone. These baby socks have a silicone layer on the inside of the elastic band.

This is the solution for sagging baby socks! In addition to the fact that Sticky Socks stay in place, the appearance of the socks has also been considered. The socks come in various colors.

The collection

Sticky Socks baby socks stands for natural colors that fit perfectly with your little one’s outfit.

Sticky Socks are made of 100% organic cotton and are packaged in a sustainable way.​​

The Founders

Sticky Socks


Shop manager / The mother

Sticky Socks


Creative / The father

Sticky Socks


Test person / The duaghter

Sticky Socks